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ethernet for enterprise

One connection to rule them all

Business ethernet service makes it easy and cost effective to interconnect your offices or to the cloud

Scalable Bandwidth

Once you have an ethernet connection, scaling can be done in minutes

Infrastructure Agnostic

Ethernet can run on any network be it MPLS, SDH, WDM or native CE and even on copper last mile

Cost Effective

No need to buy expensive SDH devices or routers, a simple ethernet switch would do the job

Cloud Access

Most of the cloud providers integrate direct ethernet connectivity to their infrastructure


Ethernet makes it easy to adapt to the emerging WAN technologies such as SDN, SD-WAN and NFV

Carrier Ethernet Privilege

With a MEF certified carrier ethernet service, you can get E-Line, E-LAN, and E-Tree

Source: CIENA

Carrier Ethernet Business services are offered in the form of 200+ MEF certified services in a variety of different brand names by service providers, worldwide. Many are simply known as Business Ethernet Services by Enterprises. What they have in common is the ability to deliver high performance, predictable QoS, low latency services over the broadest range of physical access technologies.

Metro Ethernet Forum - MEF

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For businesses requiring always on, dedicated, highly secure connections

Cost effective dedicated and secure next generation connections

Over MPLS, SDH or native Carrier Ethernet networks

Connectivity in local access via Ethernet in any given country

Next generation secure and software defined connections with cloud first approach

Network automation and network function virtualization via software

Rock solid inter office connectivity over secure MPLS network

Next generation connectivity over Low Earth Orbit satellites

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